A new beginning

For those of you that were redirected here from LastSong.net, you’re probably aware that that site has been largely neglected for a long time. I have, for a long time now, been thinking about changing domain names– I never liked LastSong.net all that much and, as the years went by, began hating it more and more. I originally meant it as a reference to X Japan’s The Last Song, but with the recent release of The Last Song, the film starring Miley Cyrus, I really couldn’t take it anymore. So here we are, a fresh site with a new domain! (As a sidenote: if anyone is interested in purchasing the domain name LastSong.net from me, it will be up for auction at GoDaddy Auctions within a month or so. )

I intend for Absurdist.org to be a fresh start with a different purpose: it will be a place for me to record my random, sometimes amusing, and often nonsensical notions, ideas, and thoughts. In otherwords, there will be no more drivel about the generally uninteresting happenings in my life– I’ve always found that sort of stuff to be as boring to write as it probably is for you to read. I will, however, be importing (and perhaps updating) the tutorials from the old site and will continue to write such tutorials and provide other such resources when it strikes my fancy to do so. I will also still be offering hosting to those interested, so please take a look if you are.

I’ve ported over the old LastSong.net layout for now, but expect a new one as soon as I get around to it.