Pictures of my brain

I signed up as a healthy volunteer for an MRI research study a few days ago, and today, I went in to get my brain scanned. Pretty cool, right? Apparently, I have a lot of grey matter… and a lumpy, but surprisingly round head.

By the way, if you live near a research hospital and wouldn’t mind being stuck in a small enclosed tube that makes loud noises for a little while, I highly recommend signing up for one of these studies. Unlike CT and PET, MRIs don’t expose you to any harmful radiation, so there are no health risks. Plus, the researchers will probably pay you a decent chunk of cash just to chill inside the machine (the study I did pays $30.00 an hour), and you’ll be helping to advance science in an important way.

7 thoughts on “Pictures of my brain

    • The Texas Medical Center would be a great place to look for these studies. I would try searching their website for ongoing clinical studies, or maybe browse around public area for fliers (medical school common spaces, especially, because us poor medical students are likely to sign up, lol).

  1. That’s pretty cool. I live in a small town, though. They don’t have very big hospitals. :( You probably have to be 18, right?

    Oh, and totally loving your new site. ;) I’ve lost contact with a lot of sites I used to visit, because I barely updated during school. Glad you commented, though, because I enjoyed your blogs.

    • The kinds of people that they’re looking for the research studies varies based on what they’re trying to study. Universities are especially good for finding good studies to enroll in, since there tend to be an abundance of researchers around. Just keep an eye out if you’re interested!

  2. I wish my country would do stuff like that, but the way hospitals looks like here, you’d be likely recruited for some brain surgery type of experiment… for free (obviously).

      • Oh I don’t mean that literally. Just that judging by what the hospital looks like… plus their budget is generally much too low for them to be able to afford paying for research.

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