I finally caved and got Twitter

Back when Twitter first came out several years ago, I swore it off and relegated it to the ranks of MySpace (which still scares me to this day) and Facebook (of which I admit that I was an early adopter, but which, in my opinion, has since become unnecessarily bloated with all manner of random games and useless apps). Despite having blogged on and off (though mostly off, admittedly) for the past 10 years or so, I never really caught on to the idea of keeping track of what my friends are doing every second of every day, much less the idea of announcing what I’m doing every second of every day. Call me old-fashioned.

So what possessed me finally to register for a Twitter account? Well… I realized that Feedburner could automatically post my blog entries there, so anyone who wants to follow me can do it without me ever actually having to touch the thing!

4 thoughts on “I finally caved and got Twitter

  1. Twitter can be cool since alot of my friends aren’t American, so I can’t usually txt them. Instead I can send them a tweet!

  2. haha I hated the thought of twitter in the beginning too..but I finally got one for 2 reasons:
    1. to have something to put in my blog(but I tweet private now so that’s pointless)
    and 2. To spy on my then current roommates if they had people in my room >.<

    I don't have any friends who tweet daily,constantly or anything like that…twitter to me is more of a conversation randomly so it works out well :P

    no one really actually tweets what their doing…just stuff like:
    #songsyouneverwanttohearinjail *some random song*
    or tweet about current things now like the world cup and such..

  3. Ugh, I’ve got friends who seriously post EVERY SECOND. It’s ridiculous. I post when I don’t want to write a blog, just so my readers know I’m not dead. Sometimes I post little updates, too. I definitely don’t say, “OMG i’m eating ice cream” “OMG i’m washing the bowl”. Gah.

    • I definitely understand the appeal of being able to publish a little snippet without having the take the time to write an entire blog post– especially since no one seems to have any time anymore.

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