I’ve managed to work myself into a horrible schedule. It goes something like this:

7:03am: This is when my first alarm goes off. I’ve set it for a little over 30 minutes before the time that I actually need to be up (which, you have to admit, is an improvement over the hour’s worth of snooze button presses that I used to require while I was in college). I think I must get some sort of masochistic satisfaction from using the snooze function over and over gain…

7:36am: Officially, I’m supposed get up at 7:35am, but somehow, it always ends up being 7:36am when I actually manage to drag my ass out of bed. I never could figure out where I keep losing that fabled extra minute– maybe somewhere in my half-awake stupor?

8:00am-5:00pm: This is the time I spend working. And by “working,” I mean “staring mindlessly at a computer screen and attempting to stay awake, all the while thinking about how awesome it will be when I can finally go home and take a nap.” I seem to muddle through somehow, though the details are quite mysterious to me.

5:14pm-6:56pm: MY GLORIOUS, BEAUTEOUS, SUBLIME, AND UNSPEAKABLY WONDERFUL NAP! …that is, until I wake up and realize that I’ve wasted the better part of 2 hours. Then I regret having taken it.

6:56-11:00pm: This is usually the time that I have to myself… dinner, work on websites, watch TV, yadda yadda.

11:00pm: This is when I start feeling guilty about not wanting to go to sleep yet.

11:30pm: This is when I really should go to sleep but don’t.

11:57am: This is when I usually finally make it to bed. I generally feel guilty for how late it is, but I console myself with the fact that: “Hey, it’s still before midnight!”

11:57am-2:00am: Tossing and turning and attempting to fall asleep. Of course, this is when I really start to regret having taken that nap earlier. There is also the occasional poking and prodding at Luke, my live-in boyfriend, because if I can’t sleep, he sure as Hell shouldn’t be able to sleep either!

~2:00am: This is about when I finally fall asleep. The cycle starts again.

7 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. Ahhh such a familiar routine. Resembles mine a lot. At least you get to work at 8:00. My schedule is “flexible” meaning I can arrive any time between 8:30 and 10:30. No use any sooner, since you can’t leave before 5:30pm anyway. :P

    Needless to say, even though I get up at 7:30ish at most, I never manage to get to work at 8:30am. Even though I require about 30 minutes. :P

  2. lol the nap is the reason your up late xD maybe try running around towards 8-9pm or take a nice warm shower to help you get mellowed out and fall asleep at 11ish :)

    i hope you can get more sleep..or maybe change your hours at work to 9-6 that way you get an extra hour of sleep in the am?

    • Unfortunately, I work with a bunch of early birds who get there at like 7:00am. I feel ashamed enough getting in at 8:00am as it is =/

  3. It is that dreaded nap! I love the nap… but then I have the opposite issue. I could nap for 5 hours and still sleep another 10 at 9:30pm :D

    You sound like my partner. He has issues sleeping sometimes (usually also caused by the dreaded nap) and seem to believe that I should therefore also be awake.

    • I know, I know… but I just can’t seem to get through the day without taking the Nap of Doom. I think the real problem is that I take my nap too late in the day… but that can’t really be helped either, because of my work schedule.

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