Why I could never design for a living

A few weeks ago, I was tasked to work on a much-need website redesign for Saturday Neighborhood Health Clinic. The Saturday Neighborhood Health Clinic (an enormously long name that’s difficult to fit on a header), by the way, is a free clinic that the medical students at my school help run, for which I’ll be serving as Outreach Coordinator during the upcoming academic year. To be perfectly honest, I volunteered for the job after seeing (and cringing at) that splendidly green and Dreamweaver-templated current layout. I wanted to show off my design skills, even.

Well… I’ve been stalling. For no other apparent reason than two small facts: that it has to look professional, and that I actually have to do it. I have a deadline, too. I have to finish it before the end of summer– I assume that means August 16th, the first day of classes. It’s plenty of time, I tell myself, as I surf the internet aimlessly in boredom.

It’s odd, really. I’ve always been a procrastinator, but procrastination is a thing reserved for such painful-but-necessary endeavors as studying for that upcoming test or making a follow-up phone call to that less-than-cooperative patient. This is webdesign we’re talking about– a passion to which I’ve probably devoted thousands of hours over the last 10 or so years for the sheer joy of it. Apparently, I don’t do well when I actually need to design.

Here’s what I have so far:

Comments and critiques are welcome. I tried very hard to keep things conservative– it’s not something I’m used to and I’m not sure how I did on that front. I still need to figure out what to do with the navigation. And code it. And hope that someone (who hopefully won’t be me) puts together the content. …good luck to me?

6 thoughts on “Why I could never design for a living

  1. I will try to have your intro done by tonight… now that I’ve promised it to you, I can’t procrastinate anymore like I have been doing for the past week. :)

    Good job! I really like it. Even with the brown, haha.

  2. Shit man, this means I have to get my ass into gear for the SIGN website. I want to make it look awesome but all I have to work with is the shitty WYSIWYG editor attached to the WUSM website (like the ones we were forced to work with on the microbes project). It sucks, so maybe I’m going to covertly make an awesome 3rd party website and redirect… lol.

    • I don’t know what Wen Hui did, but she managed to get me FTP access to the SNHC site. Perhaps you could ask around?

  3. Oh wow their current site makes me weep. You’ve done a good job so far on keeping it clean and conservative!

    Your color choices also provide a calming effect…

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