New layout: “Pencil & Paper,” and site changes!

Pencil & Paper I know it’s been quite some time since I last updated– I have to admit that 3rd year got the best of me. But I’m back, and I have a whole year in the lab ahead of me which, as you can probably guess, means that I’ll be working sane hours. First things first, I’ve treated myself to a brand new layout, featuring a notebook picture that I got from I even included some of my own pencil swirly doodles!

The other major change, as you may have already noticed, is the new Premade Layouts section. I’ve merged over some of what I consider to be my best non-JRock designs from Neogrotesque. I’ve found that premade layouts are really the only graphics that I love to make, and will probably shut down Neogrotesque in the near future in favor of a single unified site.