Fickle, fickle, fickle (or, more changes!)

I realize that it was only 2 months ago that I decided to merge my graphics site here, but it seems I’ve already changed my mind. For those of you that came here looking for premade layouts, tutorials, web design resources, reviewer reviews, and the like, I’d like to direct you to PIXEL(YES), my new web design site. I’ve migrated the more…helpful and design-oriented of my blog posts there. It will probably be updated somewhat sporadically. Every since I merged in the premades, I had been feeling a bit uneasy about the whole thing. The site just felt a little too schizophrenic. I think things will work out better this way. For now, there will be “Resources” link in my navigation bar to PIXEL(YES), but that will likely be taken down in a few weeks.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ve got a new layout up! It features my own cartoon-style self-portrait. It’s a bit different from my usual work, but I like it a great deal. You’ll notice that this layout is, for what may be the first time in my design history, a fluid-width layout. It also makes use of @media to display differently depending on the width of the browser viewport (and so is also mobile-friendly). Futhermore, it’s coded in HTML5, thanks to a little help from the _s starter theme. Overall, I think it’s pretty slick and fitting for my vision of the direction that I want to take this website in. As always, any comments, feedback, or criticism is welcome. My intention is to keep this layout for long time to come.

UPDATE 9/4/12: Absurdist.Org now also has a brand-new Facebook page! “Like” it to have updates from this site delivered directly to your newsfeed!