My USMLE study schedule

The road to a career in medicine is paved with standardized testing. There’s the SAT for college admission, the MCAT for medical school admission, a Shelf exam for each 3rd year clerkship, the 3-part USMLE, and then some arbitrary number of specialty Board exams depending on one’s specific career trajectory. As such, I’ve managed to become quite experienced in the matters of paying several-hundred-dollar registration fees, buying dozens of prep books never to be read, and procrastinating away all the study time that I had originally planned for…well… studying. I have enough experience, anyhow, to know my own habits. I’m scheduled to take the USMLE Step 2 CK in November, which means that I’m due for a freak-out session any day now. Hopefully that will motivate me enough to crack open the books that have been sitting idly on my shelf for the past 2 months.

4 thoughts on “My USMLE study schedule

  1. I love your study diagram. And it is so true! I do the same with books, get them and then never ever open them. I still think it counts, I mean I read the title so that’s some studying I guess…

  2. We assume that once we get to college, we’d know better than to put off super important tests and exams… or by grad school… law school… med school… seems like most of my friends (myself included) have not changed from the same “study methods” and mentalities since high school… “Oh… something will work out… Right…? :D”

    Exam in November? You’ll start… next week, RIGHT? :D

    Best of luck to you!!

    • I think part of the problem is that I’ve only ever gotten positive feedback from my “study habits” or lack thereof. I’ve always scored well on exams, gotten good grades, etc., etc., so I’ve never had to learn to be more responsible. I can keep telling myself that it’ll be just like all those other times when I slacked off made out okay :D …until one day I fail miserably.

      • I think that’s how we all are… XD
        Most of my friends never really had to study… So there’s no real sense of urgency because… Hey… We’re gonna somehow get AT LEAST a low A, right…? But I don’t know how long this is going to last, especially with them being in law school/med school/grad schools….

        I don’t think I can pull this “Don’t read and pull off A” thing off anymore, because of all the Executive Functioning issues I’m having. XD I guess I better start studying… In a few months… (Who am I kidding- I’m not going to study… Until I fail miserably… orz)

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