Medical knowledge during med school

So… I’m still studying for USMLE Step 2. I’ve been slowly but surely making my way through my admittedly over-ambitious stack of review books and practice questions and, as I’ve been doing so, I’m realizing more and more that I’ve forgotten an enormous amount of information since I took Step 1 a year and a half ago. It would have been bad enough if I had gone straight through to 4th year, but taking a research year means that my brain has become quite the rust bucket in these past few months. I hope that I’ll be able to brush off some of these cobwebs in time to not fail.

Meanwhile, my 4th year friends seems to be in much the same state as myself. Many of them have already completed their important rotations are now cruising along toward graduation. They say that 4th year is like having a vacation for half a year. I certainly hope that that will be true for me next year. Is it too early for me to have senioritis?

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  1. The good news is that even though you tend to forget things over time, it’s a lot easier to pick them back up when you need them. I forgot all about differential equations after finishing my classes on them three years ago, but if I ever need one now, I know where to look in the textbook, and reading the textbook always makes sense (unlike when I was taking the class).

    Good luck on your exams! Senioritis should just die.

    • The problem with medicine is that it’s largely a matter of rote memorization. As a result, when I do practice questions, I find that I often get the question right because I had some sort of vague intuition that I’ve seen an answer before, and not because I actually know anything with any confidence.

  2. This is eerily similar to my Maths knowledge… I think I knew most when I graduated high school, and then in uni as I started learning more and more complex stuff I would forget stuff.

    Right now, I barely remember any calculus… while at the start of freshman year in uni I was acing it…
    Perhaps it’s self preservation, you know the brain makes sure it doesn’t overexert itself :P

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