About Me

Hi! I’m Yui. I’m a recent medical school graduate and am currently trying to make it through residency in a surgical subspecialty. I’m an avid doodler and hope to find the time to post a few comics about my experiences. I also used to be an avid webdesign hobbyist, but life has been making it increasingly difficult for me to indulge in that hobby.

While working in a research lab the summer after my first year of college, I discovered that I was violently allergic to rabbits. Subsequent prick tests revealed that I was equally allergic to cats and slightly less so to horses. If I ever decide to commit suicide, I think rabbit-sniffing would be an excellent way to go.

I currently live with my husband, Luke. We met in a closet at a party during our second year of college. We also have a Norwich terrier named Francis, who enjoys such classic dog games as “OMGZ RUN!!” and “OMGZ EAT BOOKS!” He quite enjoys Aristotle, actually, although he was named for Francis Bacon.

The Site

I’ve tried, on several occasions in the past, to maintain a blog. All of these past attempts ultimately ended in neglect on my part. I’ve never been the type to document the daily occurrences in my life and, to be honest, my life is probably as boring to me as it is to you. That’s why my goal with Absurdist.Org was never to catalog my life. Rather, I intend to use it to write about the random, fleeting, often nonsensical, sometimes amusing, and generally inconsequential thoughts that cross my mind. Good luck to me.

The Domain

The Absurdist philosophy is one that has long resonated with me, ever since I first read Waiting for Godot in high school. To be completely honest, though, I picked the domain name more for how it sounds and what it sounds like it means than for what it actually means. It’s a bit of a nod to my oftentimes bizarre sense of humor and a statement about how I see the world.

Technical Details

Absurdist.Org is registered through and is currently hosted with No Support Linux Hosting. The blog itself is powered by WordPress.